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Feb 8, 2011 10:00am EST
it afternoon? charlie sheen says he could be back on the set of "two and a half men." meantime lindsay lohan is waiting to see if she will be charged with stealing a necklace. lola, i don't know which one to begin with. >> let's start with charlie. >> charlie sheen, back after really just a few weeks? >> at home rehab is very interesting to me. i have never heard of this term. do you call up and order rehab, i'll take a rehab with no anchovies. i think that he needs to get back to work. he gets into trouble when he's on hiatus. idle hands work for the devil and i believe he needs to be constantly busy. >> 2 1/2 men is the number one show. and you do wonder about the push and pull about the finances and what may be best for charlie. >> here's the thing, when i worked with charlie, he is a lovely young man, and i know his dad too, we have worked together too. it's a terrific family. i'll just be out front and say a boyfriend of mine killed himself because of drug and alcohol abuse so my heart goes out to them and having lived through some of that with my former boyfriend, it's a tough thing fo
Feb 8, 2011 12:00am PST
? >> jimmy: that's why charlie sheen was alone in that picture. your son took them all and brought them to your house. what do you guys eat because it seems like to me the super bowl is like everything that you really warn people against. >> meese people don't get this -- i didn't know this but i just read that people consume more food, more calories on super bowl day than any other day of the year except thanksgiving. >> jimmy: i believe that. >> did you? >> jimmy: absolutely. pork butt. we made in the smoker. chicken wings, i ate a thousand of them. there are wingless chickens wandering the country looking for me. a million cookies and every bit of crab. it looks like a football. >> we make texas food so it's got to be chickened fried then you got cheese dip with sausage ground up in it so your heart stops while you're eating it. it's not later. you got to be standing there with the paddles, clear. >> jimmy: did you bet on the game. >> i did bet. i had a couple of friends. i bet a couple hundred bucks with my friends and my big bet i bet a sunset burger at mell's with curley fries and
Feb 8, 2011 3:05am PST
everybody. we were off last week, and i missed a ton of news. apparently, charlie sheen started a war in egypt by doing coke with the cast of "skins." [ laughter ] you see this? taco bell is being sued for failing to meet the minimum requirements of acceptable ground beef. [ laughter ] but you can tell, they have addressed the issue by their new slogan, "taco bell, we now meet the minimum requirements of acceptable ground beef." [ laughter ] what is going on with the world? >> steve: yeah, america. >> jimmy: "yeah, that's barely acceptable. we'll take it." >> steve: "but it's acceptable." >> jimmy: "but it's good, yeah." [ laughter ] this isn't good. the northeast is supposed to get another big snowstorm this week on groundhog day. [ audience boos ] on groundhog day. at this point, even the groundhog is like, "dude, i'm staying in and watching a 'teen mom' marathon. just figure it out. [ laughter ] i don't even want to be bothered by this one." everyone's talking about this. cbs is putting the highly-rated show "two and a half men" on hiatus until charlie sheen finishes rehab. which i
Feb 8, 2011 4:00am PST
million homes. >>> and charlie sheen's career plans are also making news this morning. his attorney says the troubled actor will return to the set of his hit tv show in two weeks. sheen had been advised to stay in a rehab facility for at least 90 days. but instead, he's been getting personalized rehab at home. >>> now the seattle area, the remorsible robber. surveillance cameras captured the 69-year-old man holding up a gas station on saturday morning. he bought a cup of coffee. then, told the station's owner he wanted all the money in the register. >> i really am sorry to have to do this. but i've got kids. >> how about i give you $40 and this is it? >> well, i can't afford that, sir. i have rent to pay. bills. and the kids need to eat. >> the man there got away with more than $300. as he left, he said when he gets back on his feet, he would return the money. he has since been arrested. it is the second time he's been busted for armed the robbery. the first time got him three years in jail. >>> and now, to your sports news this morning and a historymaking night in pro hoops. we get all
Feb 8, 2011 6:00pm EST
for a drunk driving conviction >>> charlie sheen is leaving rehab a little earlier than expected. sheen's lawyer says sheen should be back on the set of "two and a half men" in another week. you can watch the hit comedy here on wjz. >>> the new look orioles get ready for spring training. mark talks to the architect of the rebuilding project next in sports. [ male announcer ] verizon believes that no small business should be invisible, so we decided to help a real small business make it easier for customers to find them. my name is elizabeth heinz, we're at isabella's boutique in rockville center, new york. do me a favor, and search for your business. alright. ♪ what did you find? nothing. i mean, if you don't have a website, you're basically invisible. [ male announcer ] 40% of small businesses don't have a website. but with verizon websites powered by intuit, it's so easy you can do it yourself, and so powerful it can make any small business more visible. add photos... and then, we'll hit "publish." i have a website?! you have a website. oh my gosh, i can't believe it was that easy.
FOX News
Feb 8, 2011 6:00am EST
that charlie sheen could be back to work within two weeks. >> after his at-home rehab. >> right, this would be -- maybe it's a new project. you can rehab at home in two weeks. >> maybe he should join that celebrity rehab show. >> that would be great news for dr. drew. that's about it. i don't think there's enough cameras to cover his life. >> no kidding. more on that later. in the meantime, protesters are packing cairo's main square for a 15th straight and now we're starting to learn more about the people behind the protests. including an egyptian billionaire who has been lending his support. joining us right now from cairo with the very latest is leland, hello. >> good morning, steve. he is the richest guy in egypt and the only big businessman supporting protesters. just got done interviewing him a couple of hours ago. he's put his newspaper and television station behind these protesters and he's got a big warning for us even though he's lost billions in the whole protest because of economic downturns. he said there's no price for freedom but as one of the biggest protests gets started on
Feb 8, 2011 12:35am PST
weird when you don't say "charlie" in front of it. >> steve: yeah, yeah. sheens. i've heard about it differently -- >> jimmy: sheens. i don't know if you saw this -- during his interview with president obama last night, bill o'reilly asked him to explain how he deals with so many people hating him. in response, obama was like, "you first." [ laughter ] standoff. hey, check this out. a new study found that 25% of prostitutes use facebook to solicit clients. yeah. the other 75% just do it the old-fashioned way, craigslist. [ light laughter ] [ one person cheers loud ] [ laughter ] somebody just made some money right there. [ laughter and applause ] please turn your phones off! no mobile craigslisting while you're here at the show. this is insane, you guys. an alligator farm in florida just installed a zip line so that visitors can ride above the alligator tanks. [ laughter ] that's nice. it's like the alligator version of those sushi bars with the conveyor belts. it's like, "not that one, not that one, no. oh, yeah, that fat guy. yeah, drop him, let him go. let him in." and finally,
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)